Size Guide for Independent Designer Brand Luvenza

Although we offer made-to-measure service for all our items, we also understand that you may prefer to select a standard size according to your measurements. Our standard sized items are designed with a view to match current size guide standards in North America.

The following chart contains the measurements we recommend for each size (although not all measurements are necessary for all styles):

The numbers in the above chart are all your NET Body measurements. The item you receive will include some wiggle room and will have slightly larger measurements as compared to those numbers.

For your convenience, we have compiled an illustration showing where you can take these measurements on your body for comparison. Please measure with a measuring tape in snug loop (without adding any extra room, but not go too tight to make yourself uncomfortable as well).

  1. Fullest Bust - measure around your fullest bust level (this is NOT your bra size)
  2. Smallest Waist - measured around the smallest waist or natural waist level (which shall be the smallest part on your torso)
  3. Fullest Hips - measured around your fullest lower hips level (which shall be the largest part on your torso)
  4. Armhole Opening - measured around the end of your arm while you are taking the same pose as the model
  5. Bicep / Upper Arm - measured around the fullest upper arm while you are taking the same pose as the model
  6. Shoulder Width - measured from one end of your shoulder via nape to the other
  7. Total Length - measured from your shoulder point (bone) down on your back to where the garment ends

When taking measurements for dresses, please only have your bra on. For coats, you may have other garments you plan to wear underneath on when taking the measurements.

Here are some videos from YoutTube that may be helpful for taking measurements:

Bust    |    Waist    |    Hips   |    Bust Point    |    Bust Tips Distance

Shoulder    |    Armhole    |    Bicep    |    Forearm    |    Sleeves    

Should you have any question about size or measurements, please do not hesitate to contact us at We would love to help out.