Black Tulle Floor Length Dress with Colorful Floral Embroidery

$549.99 USD

In honor of Spring just this once leave your trusty sequined gown in the closet in favor of something that celebrates the blooming flowers and singing birds. This black floor length dress is the perfect choice for an evening gala that needs a splash of color and whimsical design.

Balancing elegant and whimsical can be difficult, but this gorgeous formal evening dress encompasses the best of both design worlds. Colorful flowers embroidered from neckline to skirt hem add an artful, whimsical touch to an elegant black dress. The transparent black three-quarter sleeves and upper panel of the bodice add a touch that is both elegant and edgy. An extra layer of black tulle has been added beneath the embroidered tulle lace to create a fuller skirt effect. When it comes to elegant evening gowns you aren’t limited to layers of sparkling embellishments. This unique, gorgeous floral evening maxi dress offers a colorful, artsy alternative to your formalwear wardrobe.

Default dress length is 63"



Colorful Floral Embroidered Tulle Lace, Floor Length, ¾ Sleeves, Lining, Extra Layer of Tulle Beneath Embroidered Tulle Lace


This dress is made to order and will be dispatched in business days.

Item ID: C10

This item is designed, made and sold by Independent Designer Luvenza. For any inquiry, please contact the designer at


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